The Policy Statement provides important information. Please read it carefully and contact me with any questions. If you decide you would like to work with me you will be given a hardcopy of the Policy Statement

Policy Statement


The information shared in sessions and the written records of the sessions are confidential. They cannot be shared with anyone without your permission. However, there are certain situations where disclosure is required by law:

  • When there is a reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of a child, or a disabled person, of the elderly
  • When a client presents as a danger to him/herself (for example, is suicidal)
  • When a client presents as a danger to others
  • When there is prenatal exposure to controlled substances
  • When a client is contemplating it and there is the possible future commission of a crime or harmful act
  • If a client is involved in a legal proceeding and has put his/her mental status at issue in a litigation initiated by the client
  • In certain emergency situations, either while a person is a current client of mine or after termination, if I should become concerned about a client’s safety or about a client possibly injuring someone else, or about a client receiving proper psychiatric care.

In these situations, I am professionally required to notify the legal authorities and to make reasonable attempts to notify the client’s family/emergency contact(s) and follow all the directives required by law.

I often consult with other professionals in order to provide the highest quality care and services. I strive to fully maintain client confidentiality. Therefore, client names and other identifying information are never shared during consultative conversations.

Records Management:

Client records may include communications between sessions and information provided by other professionals in addition to client and session documentation. All client records are kept under two locks and are available to others only with the client’s written permission to release and according to the conditions detailed above. Records are kept for ten years (or ten years after a client’s date of majority). I will attempt to notify clients when their records are scheduled to be destroyed.

Clients have the right to review or receive a summary of their records at any time except in limited legal or emergency situations or when I have assessed that releasing such information may be harmful in some way. In these cases, I will provide the records to an appropriate and legitimate mental health professional.

I respect client confidentiality and fully comply with HIPAA regulations regarding protected health information and privacy.

Emergency Procedures:

If you are experiencing a crisis or emergency, CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY. I do not provide crisis or emergency services.

The Therapy Process:

Taking part in the therapeutic journey can have many results, intended and unintended. The experience of therapy and counseling can bring forward painful events and memories. Change and growth can be unpredictable. Every step along the way, the decision to continue is yours.

Expressive Therapy allows clients to work through and process their lives and life events using the arts. Plans for care and individual goals are developed with each client’s active participation in partnership with the counselor.


If at any time you would like another professional’s opinion or want to consult with another counselor, I will provide you with names of other qualified professionals and/or agencies with whom you may prefer to work. Typically, there is a final exit session where this information can be shared.

Billing & Payment:

Individual sessions are scheduled in advance. The most current rates are reflected on the website. Amounts are U.S. dollars (USD). All payments are due at time of service or according to an individualized payment plan.


If you need to cancel a scheduled session, please provide at least 24-hour advance notice. Clients may be charged a fee up to the full session price for a missed or cancelled session if less than 24 hours advance notice is not provided.